Marketing and Branding
Master Image does more than just create graphics. We help companies establish and expand their brand by assisting clients in understanding their customers and their competition. Master Image distills the company’s core values and product offerings down to a unique brand identity and message. We then create a graphics that specifically addresses clientele needs, takes advantage of the competition's weaknesses, and clearly communicates the company’s brand.

Logo and Corporate Identity Design
Master Image has transformed over dozens of companies by changing and evolving their corporate identities and logos. These companies have gone from being "just another company" to being vibrant, interesting firms that attract customer sales, investor dollars, and press coverage.

Print Design
Master Image also creates beautiful, highly branded corporate brochures, product sheets, pocket folders, and other printed marketing materials. In addition, Master Image designs direct mail pieces, such as postcards and promotional mailers.

Web Design
Over the past eleven years, Master Image has developed many different sites. The value-add that we bring to web design is in understanding how a website fits into the organization's integrated marketing strategy. For each client, Master Image makes certain that the website fits neatly with every other marketing piece. The clients thereby achieve true branding on their websites and throughout their marketing programs.

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